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  • When you have made the deposit or transfer it is necessary to send us the image of the receipt to
  • Without receipt of the deposit slip, the reservation will automatically be canceled.
  • The price includes 2 adults (over 13 years old) per room and two complimentary breakfasts, either American or Mexican Breakfast.
  • To add 1 to 3 extra people activate the additional guest field. In the case of arriving at the hotel with 1 to 3 additional adult guests (over 13 years old) and not having registered for not activating the field, you will be charged $ 500 per night per guest at the time of check-in.
  • The number of extra guests is subject to the maximum capacity of each room.
  • Additional guests do not include breakfast, or pool towel.
    Children under 12 do not pay. They do not enter the limit of guests per room.
    No extra furniture will be provided for children.
    It is the parents’ criteria to accommodate the children in the furniture that the room has.